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Is It Too Late for Heat Pump Maintenance?

Monday, December 18th, 2023

It’s never too late for heat pump maintenance! The only time that maintenance is impossible for your heat pump is if it breaks down completely. Then you’re scheduling a repair appointment instead. If you’ve been putting off heat pump maintenance, now is a great time to schedule your appointment.

During the fall, your heat pump is in between heavy-use seasons. Before your heat pump is needed for the colder temperatures of winter, you should schedule heat pump maintenance on the Palm Coast. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of heat pump maintenance and why you should schedule the appointment, especially if you’ve been putting it off.

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What Happens During Heat Pump Maintenance?

Monday, November 6th, 2023

If you have never scheduled heat pump maintenance for your home, you may be wondering what the service entails. We are outlining some of the steps that we complete during a heat pump maintenance appointment. There is a lot more that goes into checking out your system, but these are the major parts that we check.

If you are interested in St. Augustine heat pump maintenance, give our team a call. You can also keep reading to learn more about the components inside of your heat pump that require maintenance to work their best. Keep in mind that we recommend maintenance for your heat pump twice each year. This is because your heat pump operates as both a heater and air conditioner all year round.

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Why Short Cycling Is Harmful to Your Heat Pump

Monday, October 23rd, 2023

When you have a heat pump installed in your home, it operates in cycles to cool your home in the summer and heat your home in the winter. These cycles turn on and off at regular intervals. But if your heat pump turns on and off too quickly, it is called short cycling and it means that something is wrong with your heat pump.

Having a heat pump short cycling during cold weather in Ponte Vedra can be a big hassle because your home doesn’t get as warm as you want it to. The process of short cycling also adds a lot of strain on the system which can cause it to break down completely. You can keep reading to learn more about why short cycling happens and what it means for your heat pump.

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Why Your Heat Pump Needs Maintenance Twice a Year

Monday, June 19th, 2023

Heat pumps have a lot of benefits, but there is one potential downside that a lot of homeowners get caught up on. Since your heat pump is working year-round to provide both heating and cooling for your home, it requires maintenance twice per year instead of just once per year. 

You may be wondering if you can skip out on that second round of maintenance and only schedule it once per year. However, heat pump maintenance twice per year is crucial for the life of your unit. You can keep reading to learn more about why biannual maintenance should be a priority for your heat pump every year.

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When a Heat Pump Won’t Switch to Heating Mode…

Monday, January 3rd, 2022

woman-looking-scaredAlthough our evenings have gotten quite chilly over the past couple of weeks, it’s been a sort of nice relief from the weather we’ve been experiencing, right? We’re used to needing our air conditioners on an hour-by-hour basis, and paying a lot for the energy necessary to make cooling our homes possible.

Soon enough, it will be time to turn our attention away from our cooling systems and toward our heaters instead. If you have a heat pump, this means making sure it’s properly maintained for the season (it’s not too late to schedule heating maintenance this year, if you haven’t done so already!), and then switching it from cooling mode to heating mode.

Wait, what’s that? You just tried to do that and it’s still sending out cooled air through the vents? Yikes!

Okay, first off, this might not be as big of a deal as you think–we’ll cover some troubleshooting tips below. It may require professional repairs, and we’ll talk about that more below as well. Read on to learn what’s happening when your heat pump won’t switch to heating mode.

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Should a Heat Pump Be Your Next Home Comfort Installation?

Monday, September 2nd, 2019

white-question-mark-on-blue-circleIt may seem strange to be talking about the installation of a new air conditioning system near the end of summer—but then again in Florida, it’s almost always summer! Plus, the end of summer is the most likely time for aging air conditioners to finally call it quits, as they’ve been under a lot of stress.

If you’ve also been on the market for a new heating system, you’d do well to consider what a heat pump system can offer. Keep reading to learn about how a heat pump works, what makes it unique compared to other types of cooling and heating systems, and the benefits that one of these systems can offer you if you have it installed this year.

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Heating Systems that May Benefit You This Season

Monday, December 10th, 2018

Heating, ventilation and conditioning icons set.Looking for a new heating system? There are more ways to heat your home now than there ever were before! Most homeowners across the U.S. choose to heat their home with a furnace system, but if this type of heating isn’t ideal for your space, our team offers a variety of other systems for your home.

Finding the right system for your home can be a difficult process. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by information on the internet. If you need a comprehensive guide to heating systems for your home, look no further. And if you want a great team to perform your residential heating services in St. Augustine then contact our team.

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Should My Heat Pump Have Ice on it?

Monday, August 8th, 2016

If you are using a heat pump to keep cool this summer, and happen to notice ice forming on it, call for repairs as soon as possible. This may seem like a sign that your heat pump is cooling your home properly, but it is not the case. In fact, heat pump ice is a sign of a serious issue that can cause a full breakdown if you aren’t careful. Let’s take a look at what causes heat pump ice, and the damage it can do.

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A Heat Pump Can Cool, Too?

Monday, April 20th, 2015

If you are unfamiliar with heat pump systems, you may be hard-pressed to believe that anything called a “heat pump” can heat and cool your home in St. Augustine, FL. Not only can a heat pump cool your home, it can do it effectively and efficiently, but to do so requires expert installation and service. The AC professionals at Climate Masters can help you with all your heat pump needs – all you have to do is contact us!

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Why You Should Use a Heat Pump

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

The heat pump… a remarkable machine. The heat pump uses a simple concept—basically, creating a reversible air conditioner—to give homeowners a two-in-one answer to their comfort needs. During the summer, you set the heat pump to cooling mode, and just like an AC it cycles refrigerant through an indoor and an outdoor coil to remove the heat from your home and place it outside. But when colder weather comes along (or as cold as it gets in Florida), you set the heat pump to heating mode, and now the refrigerant direction reverses. Presto! Heat moved from outside and brought inside.

Heat pumps have some disadvantages, but a heat pump for your home in St. Augustine, FL will experience almost none of them. That’s why we think they’re great choices for installation here. To schedule an appointment for quality heat pump installation, call Climate Masters today and speak to one of our heat pump specialists.

The Heat Pump Advantage

You already know the main advantage of a heat pump: it takes care of the jobs of both a heater and an air conditioner. That’s money saved and space saved. And heat pumps hook up to the existing ductwork for your air conditioner (and furnace, if you used one), making them easy to install for professionals. If you don’t have ducts, the heat pump has you taken care of as well: ductless mini split heat pumps need no ductwork at all.

A specific reason that heat pumps are such good ideas for Florida is because of our climate. First of all, during cooling mode, the process of heat absorption along the indoor coil also removes moisture from the air, helping to control humidity. Second, heat pumps do not encounter a problem they often face in cold climates: struggling to extract sufficient heat from outdoors during heating mode. In places where the temperatures can drop well below freezing, a heat pump will lose efficiency. In Florida, however, we almost never have this problem. Heat pumps are ideal no matter the time of year.

Finally, heat pumps offer savings on your heating bill. You’re used to your AC costing less to run than a furnace or a boiler. That’s because those heaters must burn fuel to create heat. But a heat pump is just like an AC: no fuel burnt to create heat, only a small amount of electricity to run the mechanical parts so heat can be moved. An average family of four can save up to 30% on their heating bills each year if they switch to a heat pump.

Sounds Great! When Can I Get One?

We need to slow you down a bit. Heat pumps are fantastic choices for home comfort… but they still won’t work for every home. Call on Climate Masters today to find out about how well a heat pump in St. Augustine, FL will work for you.

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