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Your Comfort is Our Priority!

Emergency Service


Your Comfort is Our Priority!

Emergency Service



Maintenance Program

With rising electric costs, it’s more important than ever to professionally maintain your heating and air conditioning system.  Every hour your system is in operation it becomes more expensive to operate.  Dirt and grime accumulate on both the condenser and air handler causing your system to work harder and longer.  A dirty evaporator coil, condenser coil or blower can increase your electrical usage by 50 percent or more and cause water clogs to occur in your drain lines.  By NOT maintaining your system you could increase the chances of an unexpected breakdown, pay higher electric bills, and even shorten the overall life of your system.  While we can’t guarantee that a tune–up will ensure your system won’t breakdown, we can help your system work more efficiently and help prevent untimely breakdowns.

Having your air conditioning system precision tuned and professionally cleaned by Climate Masters is your best bet for continued comfort, safety and lower utility bills, Just as your car runs more cost efficiently and more reliably with a tune up, so does your home air conditioning system. Call the air conditioning experts at Climate Masters. You can rest assured that a complete precision tune–up, professional cleaning and safety inspection of your air conditioning system will have you ready to keep you cool and comfortable or warm and cozy all year long.

Two visits per year:

1. Once in the cooling season.

2. Once in the heating season.

  • Check operating pressures of condensing unit. Clean condensate line, drain, pan & float switch.
  • Check temperature rise across condenser coil. Check and tighten all electrical connections.
  • Check temperature drop across evaporator coil. Wash condenser coil & cabinet.
  • Check compressor motor amperage. Check thermostat operation.
  • Check refrigerant in system (1st lb. free). Check electric heat strips.
  • Check condition of air filters. Clean air handler cabinet.
  • Check operation of controls. Check air flow.
  • Adjust tension on all belts. Check evaporator coil.
  • Lubricate all required parts. Undercoat major components with rubberized undercoating.

This is a preventative maintenance agreement only. NO repairs or improvements will be undertaken without your authorization. Labor and materials for such repairs, if needed, will be discounted 10% from total repair cost, this also applies to Emergency Service. THIS DISCOUNT DOES NOT APPLY TO COMPRESSORS, FILTERS OR SYSTEM REPLACEMENTS.

Climate Masters Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. reserves the right to cancel this agreement after making the first call should inspection disclose that the equipment is in such poor condition as to prevent same from receiving the kind of service applicable under this agreement. In case of such cancellation, Climate Masters Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. agrees to refund the amount paid for this agreement, and upon payment of this fund, Climate Masters Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is released from any continuing obligations of this agreement. This agreement is non–refundable but can be transferred to another address.

We now require that if you have a scheduled visit at a particular date and time that you make every effort to be there for our technician or give us a 24 hour cancellation notice. If a maintenance technician is dispatched on a scheduled visit and cannot gain access to your system(s) we will have no choice but to consider the visit complete and/or forfeited.

Maintenance Plan We can help your system run more efficiently and help prevent untimely breakdowns

Learn more about our Maintenance Plan

Climate Masters serves the St Johns Area

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