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Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

Monday, August 20th, 2018

ACYou can get quite a few years out of your air conditioner if you take proper care of it. No matter how well you take care of it, though, you will still need to replace it at some point. It’s best that you familiarize yourself with the signs that your air conditioner is getting close to the end of its lifespan, so that you know when to replace it. It’s not fun to be blindsided by your system breaking down entirely when you aren’t prepared for it. With that in mind, have a look at the following signs that you need a new air conditioner.

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Should I Install a New Air Conditioning System?

Monday, June 25th, 2018

AC-CashI dunno, should you?! But seriously, folks, it’s very important to be able to tell whether or not your air conditioner is in need of replacement before you use it for another summer. If you go into the hottest season of the year with a system that isn’t up to the task, you’re just begging for it to break down on you at the worst possible time. The best way to confirm whether or not your system is up to the task is to have a technician check it out for you every spring. If you aren’t sure, though, here are a few tips to help you decide whether or not it’s time to call in some professional help.

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Do I Need a New Air Conditioner for This Summer?

Monday, March 20th, 2017

The days are starting to warm up again, and soon you’re going to start relying on your air conditioner much of the time to keep cool. Before you put it under that level of strain, though, it’s a good idea to make sure that the system can handle it. If not, then you should consider replacing it as soon as possible. You don’t want to have it fail on you in the middle of summer. There are certain ways to tell if your air conditioner is close to permanently breaking down.

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Does Your Air Conditioning System Have Another Season In It?

Monday, August 24th, 2015

We’ve still got a while to go with our hot weather here in Palm Coast, FL, but if your air conditioning system is on its last legs, you’ll be seeing a lot of evidence of that by now. However, it can be hard to know if your still-operating air conditioner needs repair or if you need to start considering replacement before next year’s cooling season. Replacement is a big decision in which several factors need to be weighed, and our experts have listed here the three biggest factors you need to review when dealing with the repair versus replace situation:

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One Reason to Consider AC Replacement: Humidity Control

Monday, July 20th, 2015

It may seem like the reason air conditioners make things feel so comfortable is simply because of the cool air; this isn’t entirely true. Air conditioners certainly lower the temperature, but they also do something equally important: they reduce the humidity, making the air dryer and thus, more comfortable. But as your air conditioner ages, it breaks down, and it becomes harder and harder for your system to dehumidify your home as needed. When this happens, your indoor comfort will be compromised. The question is now, what to do about it?

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Is It Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Friday, February 20th, 2015

We may be experiencing cool temperatures for our area, but soon enough the hot weather will return – is your air conditioner good for another cooling season? Air conditioners tend to break on the hottest of days because this is when they work the hardest. No one wants to get the news that he/she needs to replace a broken-down AC in the middle of summer, so if you left off the last cooling season wondering if your AC was going to make it, it’s probably time to call the experts at Climate Masters and schedule an appointment. Not sure if you are seeing the signs? Here are some factors that may mean it’s time for an air conditioning replacement in St. Augustine:

Lots O’Repairs

Did you have to make a number of repairs to keep your air conditioner in operation last summer? Are you looking at making a large repair this spring just to keep it going? At some point repairs can turn into nursing a system along, and those kinds of costs can add up very quickly – sometimes to the cost of a new system.


How old is your current air conditioner? Age does matter when it comes to whole-home cooling systems, and knowing when yours is going to reach, or has reached, maturity, does make a difference.  The average lifespan for a traditional split system AC is 10-12 years; the average lifespan of a heat pump system is about 20 years. As air conditioning systems age, they become more prone to breakdown, and they may not function as efficiently as they should, which can cost you money.

Poor Performance

Today’s air conditioners are highly energy efficient. This is partly due to SEER regulations that changed in 2006 and also partly because of advancements in technology and product development. If your AC is ten years old or older, you may not be seeing the performance you need from it for two reasons: first, it may not have the minimum SEER number now required, which is 13, and second, it may be reaching maturity. Poor performance issues are uneven cooling, inability to cool sufficiently and higher than normal energy bills.

Scheduling replacement of your air conditioning system in St. Augustine now can put get you ahead of the glut of spring service appointments, so call Climate Masters today!

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What Does the ENERGY STAR Sticker Mean?

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

When you are looking for an air conditioning replacement in St. Augustine, FL to prepare for another heavy Florida summer, you will come across a slew of statistics, brand names, types, and sizes that may start to feel overwhelming. Among all this data, you will also spy a sticker on many air conditioning units: a blue background with a white five-pointed star and the capital letters (always capital) ENERGY STAR. This looks important… but what does it mean?

If you have a professional installer working with you (and you should), he or she will help you understand the complexities of air conditioner models to find the right one for your home. The ENERGY STAR label will play a part of this, and chances are high that you’ll end up with a system with this sticker on it. We’ll explain why.

If the installer at your side is from Climate Masters, you can rest easy that you are receiving experienced and qualified service from one of the best heating and cooling contractors in St. Johns County.

The ENERGY STAR program

The ENERGY STAR label indicates that an appliance meets the standards set by the ENERGY STAR program. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under the authority of the Clean Air Act, established ENERGY STAR as a voluntary program in 1992 to help homes and businesses save money with energy-efficient appliances and protect the environment from damaging emissions. Manufacturers of appliances can choose to submit their product to the scrutiny of the program. If an appliance meets a set of regulations for energy efficiency and low negative environmental impact, it receives the label as a sign of approval.

The regulations differ depending on the appliance. With air conditioners, a system must have non-proprietary technology to achieve its efficiency (i.e., no single company can have a monopoly on energy efficiency), contain features that customers in general demand, and return on investment on its installation after only a few years if it costs more than a non-qualifying system.

A very specific AC requirement for the ENERGY STAR label is its minimum SEER. This is an energy-efficiency rating, and the higher the number, the less electricity the air conditioner wastes as it cools. To meet the ENERGY STAR program requirements, an air conditioner must have at least 14.5 SEER, easily verifiable through testing.

If you see the ENERGY STAR label on an air conditioner, you can feel confident that it is a safe, beneficial, and non-wasteful unit that will save money for you… provided it’s actually the right unit for your home. This is why you need to have professional assistance, since the ENERGY STAR label isn’t the only important criteria. Let the technician guide you toward the AC that will combine efficiency, environmental friendliness, and effective cooling.

Call our experts in air conditioning replacement in St. Augustine, FL today to get started with an excellent new AC installation for the summer.

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