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This Is How Your Ducts Are Cleaned

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Duct cleaning service in St. Augustine, FL is an important part of the regular maintenance on your home. Cleaning the ductwork helps improve your indoor air quality, keeps debris from entering your HVAC system, and reduces the resistance to airflow so you get efficient heating and cooling all year.

Duct cleaning requires the work of trained specialists. It is difficult for a non-professional to access the ducts to properly clean them, and the tools involved are too expensive and complex for amateur use. You can’t just use a commercial spray cleaner and dust mop for this job—and you shouldn’t try to climb into your ducts, no matter how often you’ve seen it done in movies and TV shows!

Professionals are only a phone call away: Climate Masters offers complete duct cleaning services, as well as duct sealing, repair, and replacement.

How professionals perform duct cleaning

Duct cleaning varies depending on what sort of contaminants need removal. At the basic level—clearing out dust and dirt—ductwork involves the use of special high-powered vacuums. The vacuums have long hoses that can snake up into the vents along your ducts. They place whole sections of the ductwork under negative pressure. What this does is dislodge ground-in dirt that would otherwise be too difficult for the air suction in the vacuum to remove. Once the dirt has been loosened, the vacuum can draw up the debris.

To get at contaminants that are even tougher to remove, duct cleaning specialists make use of powerful rotary brushes on long hoses. These brushes loosen dirt without causing damage to the walls of the ducts.

Another useful tool for cleansings ducts are non-toxic sanitizers and deodorizers. These cleaners can eliminate a number of bacterial pollutants inside your ducts without leaving behind a dangerous residue that will waft out of the vents afterwards. This step will help make your ducts almost as fresh as when they were new.

For serious cases of microbiological growth, such as mold (a common problem in Florida’s humidity), duct cleaners can install UV germicidal lights, which destroy the cellular structure of biological contaminants and help prevent their return.

Schedule your duct cleaning today

How often should you have professional duct cleaning? Although ducts will begin to gather dust at different rates, we suggest you schedule cleaning at least annually. If you have noticed signs that the ducts are seriously dirty (dust spreading throughout the house, a spike in energy bills due to the HVAC system, an increase in allergic symptoms) you should have the ducts cleaned as soon as possible.

Let Climate Masters take care of your duct cleaning in St. Augustine, FL. Our range of indoor air quality services will make sure your ductwork receives the treatment it needs.

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Why Should I Get Duct Cleaning Before Winter Is Here?

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

If you have ductwork in your home, it usually serves two purposes: channeling cool air most of the year, and channeling warm air during Florida’s brief but often unpredictable winter season. Ducts are carefully sealed along their length to prevent loss of pressure during normal operation. But as a consequence, dust and other debris that can collect inside will begin building up. Just running your air conditioner during the summer doesn’t clear out these pollutants—it will probably draw in more, especially if you’ve neglected to change the air filter once a month.

Winter is right around the corner, and you may already have a large amount of dirt and other contaminants sitting in your ducts. Before you start using those ducts to circulate heat, get them cleaned out. Call Climate Masters to get thorough duct cleaning in St Augustine.

But wait, you may be thinking, how bad can dirty ducts really be? The truth is that contamination in your ducts poses health risks, and also contributes to lowering your heater’s efficiency and causing dust to circulate throughout your home. Getting your ducts cleaned will benefit you in numerous ways.

According to the EPA, low indoor air quality is a major health concern in the US, where people spend a large amount of time inside. Breathing poor quality air can lead to respiratory problems, eye irritation, and sleeping difficulties. People with allergies are especially sensitive to poor quality air. A furnace or heat pump blowing dust, pollen, and dander around your home contributes enormously to reducing its air quality. Most worrying of all are biological pollutants that form in the dark of ducts. All of these can be fixed with thorough professional cleaning.

The other benefits of getting your ducts cleaned before winter are improving heating efficiency, reducing the strain on your heater, and keeping dust from settling around the house.

You’ve probably seen action movies or thrillers where the hero had to crawl through air ducts to escape the villains or spy on them. Fun… but you don’t want to try to crawl through ducts in real life, and you couldn’t do much good if you did. You should hire professional duct cleaners to do the job of getting the dirt out of your ductwork. They’ll use special tools and access your ducts without causing damage.

Climate Masters has performed duct cleaning in St Augustine FL for so many years that we can get your ductwork clean in no time at all. Contact us before your furnace or heat pump turns on for the winter.

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When Is The Best Time to Hire a Duct Cleaning Expert?

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Ducts are one of those hidden components of your household that quietly make life better for everyone in it. They branch out from your air conditioning or HVAC system, moving cool air in the summer time and warm air in the winter to every corner of your house. In most cases, they’re composed of sturdy materials and perform their jobs without a fuss. But over time, dust and debris can build up inside of them, necessitating a duct cleaning. In St. Augustine, FL, duct cleaning services are also necessary to deal with bacterial growth, created when moisture gets into the ducts and made worse by our sultry Florida weather.

So when is the best time to hire a duct cleaning expert? Usually when signs of dirty ducts become apparent.

Because ducts are usually located in out-of-the-way spots like the attic or inside your walls, you rarely notice when things start to go wrong. Look for subtle yet telltale signs of dust entering your household. If family members suffer from allergies, they may have attacks more often than normal. If your house seems to have a hard time staying clean, no matter how many times you dust it, there may be trouble. If you detect a strange odor coming from the ducts, there may be bacterial growth that needs to be dealt with. In the most extreme cases, you may detect a reduced air flow coming from your vents: signs that build-up has gotten so bad in the ducts that it’s interfering with their ability to circulate air.

Whenever you detect those signs, it’s best to hire a duct cleaning expert as quickly as possible. A trained service operative will undertake a duct cleaning with courtesy and professionalism: treating your home with the utmost care while providing solid, reliable cleaning for the ducts themselves. The results should not only improve your air quality, but may illuminate larger issues such as leaks or breaches in your ducts that could cost you money in higher electric bills. In St. Augustine, FL, duct cleaning services are provided by the trained experts at Climate Masters. If you’ve decided that now is the best time to hire a duct cleaning expert, give us a call. You’ll be glad you did.

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