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If Your Heat Pump is Short Cycling, Here’s What You Need to Do

Monday, February 13th, 2023

If you think your heat pump is short cycling, it’s a problem that you want to address sooner rather than later. Short cycling can increase wear and tear to your heater and cause it to lose years off of its expected lifespan. But when you address problems early, you can prevent additional damage and maintain your heater. 

If you have a heat pump short cycling this winter in Saint Johns, our team can help. We’ll get right down to the root of the problem and offer you a solution or a variety of solutions. Sometimes there are multiple things contributing to a short cycling problem. Keep reading to learn more about how to identify short cycling and why you should fix it before it becomes a big problem. 

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Don’t Ignore These Signs of Trouble with Your Ductless AC

Friday, March 27th, 2015

By cooling your entire house with just one system, you are able to live comfortably with greater efficiency than you would ever enjoy by using multiple units. For homeowners who don’t necessarily want to cool their entire house to the same temperature, though, a traditional split central air conditioner can be a bit restrictive in its operation. One great option to consider is a ductless air conditioner if you find yourself in this camp.

Ductless air conditioning systems eliminate the need for ductwork entirely by utilizing individual, wall-mounted blowers in order to cool different areas of the home independently of one another. Not only does this allow you to benefit form simple zone-controlled cooling, but the elimination of the ductwork also means that you won’t have to worry about compromised ductwork wasting energy. There are problems which may develop with a ductless AC, though, and Climate Masters suggests that you schedule your ductless AC repairs in Saint Johns at the very first sign of trouble.

If you discover that you are unable to cool a specific area of your home to the desired temperature, but your other zones are properly maintained, then the blower unit servicing that area of your house may be in trouble. Any number of specific issues may be to blame, including a refrigerant leak in the line connected to that blower, or problems with the fan therein. It could also be a problem stemming from a malfunctioning thermostat. Only a professional technician can determine with certainty what the precise nature of the problem is.

You may also notice that your cooling costs are on the rise, even though you are not using your system any differently than normal. While you will obviously see high cooling costs as the temperature outside soars, you should also have an idea of how much, on average, those costs will amount to. If things really seem to be getting out of hand, there may be  problem in the condenser unit. Again, refrigerant leaks may play a role in this problem, or it could be something as simple as clogged air filters. When we complete your ductless air conditioning system repairs, you can count on the problem being resolved entirely.

You must never hesitate to schedule service when you run into problems with your ductless air conditioner. The longer you wait to do so, the more serious any existing problems are likely to become.

Make the right choice, and schedule your ductless AC repairs in Saint Johns with Climate Masters as soon as you suspect that there is something amiss.

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Why Work with a Professional HVAC Contractor for Your New Construction

Monday, September 8th, 2014

There are few projects more exciting, or more intimidating, than new construction of a home or a commercial building. You have to consider numerous factors during all stages of the construction, and even thinking about them can make you feel overwhelmed. However, if you work with the best contractors, you’ll remove a great deal of the stress from your shoulder—and you will also end up with the final product that you first envisioned.

One aspect of a new home or commercial building that’s vital of its success is the HVAC system. You want to make sure that you stay comfortable inside your new building, especially during hot Florida weather.

For new construction HVAC design in Saint Johns, FL that will deliver you the results you want, call Climate Masters today.

Why it’s important to work with professional HVAC contractors

Putting in a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system for a new home or commercial building is about more than simply installing a heater and AC and hooking it up to ducts. The HVAC system is a major energy system that can lose or gain energy if it is installed haphazardly or sloppily. When you hire professionals, they will provide your new project with a complete heat load calculation that follows the specifications of the ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors Association of America). This calculation determines the amount of heating a cooling load the building needs for comfort without creating an energy drain. Far more factors than just size go into this calculation: professionals use specialized software to determine locations where a building gains and loses heat, and just how much. Only highly trained specialists can do this task correctly to ensure that you have the correct HVAC system installed.

Another task where having HVAC professionals is invaluable for new construction is for ductwork design. Basic non-customized ductwork is often inefficient, and only through custom designs that will fit with your plans for your new building will you have a ventilation system that works ideally and unobtrusively.

Finally, using professional HVAC contractors will give you time and peace of mind, two priceless commodities when it comes to constructing a new home or commercial building. When you have contractors you can trust, you’ll already be halfway to the finish line.

If you are ready for installation of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system for your new building, call Climate Masters. Our specialists in new construction HVAC design for Saint Johns, FL will be glad to help you realize the final building with the comfort system that it needs.

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