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Investing in a Pool Heater for the Winter Season

Monday, November 7th, 2022

Living in Florida means that we don’t have a particularly long or significant winter season. Our mild weather means that your pool season can last even longer – that is, when you invest in a pool heater. When you keep the water in your pool warm through the winter, your family can enjoy pool days throughout the year when the weather cooperates and has surprisingly warmer days.

After you invest in a pool heater, you want to stay on top of pool heater maintenance to ensure that it is working right year-round. If you’ve been noticing any potential problems with your pool heater, it may be time for you to invest in pool heater repair in St. Augustine, Fl. When you stay ahead of repairs, you give your pool heater the best chance to work right all season long.

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Does Your Pool Heater Need Repair?

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Our days are still warm enough to keep the water in your pool comfortable, but the evenings are just cool enough to warrant a little extra help. However, if you are just starting your pool heater again after a summer hiatus, then you may find that the heater needs repair. It is not advisable that you start digging around your pool heater on your own. Instead, call the experts who can resolve your repair issue: the pros from DB Heating & Cooling, Inc.

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Why Doesn’t My Pool Heater Provide Enough Heat?

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Pool heaters are one of the best parts of having a pool in the first place. After all, a body of water as large as a swimming pool takes a very long time to heat up on its own, and is completely dependent on the day’s current climate. You spent all that money for a pool, so you probably want to use it whenever you feel like it, not just when it’s a hot day out. As such, it’s really horrible to jump into your pool expecting it to be heated, only to find that it’s absolutely freezing. Let’s examine what might be causing your pool heater to malfunction, so you can see about getting fixed as soon as possible.


As with almost every heating problem, the very first thing you want to do is check the thermostat. It may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many heating problems can be solved through simple thermostat adjustment. If everything is set correctly but still isn’t working, you may also have a malfunctioning thermostat.

Pump Blockage

In order for your pool heater to actually heat the water, it needs to pump it through the system and back out into the pool. Debris can often block the intake for the heater pump, restricting the water flow and reducing the amount of water it can heat. Be sure to check your pump intake and clear out anything that may be obstructing it.

Pilot Light

Just like most heating systems, a lot of pool heaters are gas-powered. This means they have a pilot light, and it can blow out just as easily as any home heating pilot light. Check to make sure that your pilot light is lit, if you have one. If it isn’t, you can either relight it yourself (if you know how) or have a professional do it for you. If you’ve relit your pilot light several times and it keeps blowing out, you may have some more serious issues.

If you’re having problems with your pool heater, contact Climate Masters. We conduct pool heater repairs throughout St. Augustine.

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