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What to Consider Prior to a Pool Heater Installation

Friday, February 27th, 2015

It is no surprise that swimming is such a popular pastime in this part of the country. We are blessed with plenty of hot, sunny weather in which to bask in aquatic delights. However, you may find yourself closing up your pool a bit early, or climbing out before you are ready, when the cooler time of the year arrives. After all, even Florida is subject to chilly temperatures, if not snowfall and subzero nights like other parts of the country. You can get more enjoyment from your swimming pool, though, as well as more usable time with it, by using a pool heater. Should you require a pool heater installation in Fruit Cove, schedule service with the experts here at Climate Masters. We’ll make sure that your system lives up to your expectations and that it functions at optimal performance and efficiency levels.

Before rushing into a pool heater installation, anxious as you may be to have the job completed, it is important that you make a few important considerations. The first of these considerations is just how you plan on powering your pool heater. Generally, homeowners choose to use either a solar, gas, or electric pool heater. Each has its pros and cons. Solar pool heaters are a good option to consider around here, considering just how sunny most of our days are. They can be impeded by cloudy conditions that extend into the night, though, depriving the system of much direct sunlight. Natural gas is another great way in which to power a pool heater. Natural gas is quite efficient and clean-burning for a fossil fuel. However, it does require that you have access to a natural gas main. Electricity is more expensive to purchase than natural gas, but is readily available in just about any area. This makes an electric pool heater a convenient option for many homeowners.

Another factor to consider prior to your pool heating installation in Fruit Cove is just what size of heater you need. You don’t want a pool heater that is going to fail to sufficiently heat your pool, burning through energy and driving up usage costs in its struggle to do so. However, you also don’t want to drop money on a system that is just too big for your needs. When you schedule your pool heater installation with the technicians here at Climate Masters, You’ll have no such concerns. Call now to learn more.

Our team will make sure that your pool heater is of the right size for your home, that it is using the best fuel for your unique preferences, and that it is integrated into your pool with the utmost care.

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Choosing the Right HVAC Contractor for New Construction Saves You Money

Monday, September 29th, 2014

A new construction project is exciting, and you want to make sure every part of your new home or commercial property is constructed with care. But when it comes to your HVAC system, choosing the right one for your home may seem like a simple process. However, new ductwork and HVAC installation both require a professional to ensure you get the most out of your new system. Not only will this keep repair costs low later on, it can also ensure that your system is more energy efficient throughout the years. To save money every month on your HVAC system with new construction in Fruit Cove, contact the design and installation experts at Climate Masters. Here’s how choosing the right HVAC contractor in your area can save you money.

First, choosing an HVAC contractor who knows all about installation as well as duct design means you won’t have to search for and pay two separate companies for their work. Some contractors specialize only in HVAC installation. But finding a contractor who specializes in both duct design and building a new HVAC system ensures that you get everything in one place and that you have a technician who knows the ins and outs of your ducts to choose the right HVAC unit for the highest efficiency.

Second, duct design is a complex process, and, if done incorrectly, you can lose a lot of energy from month to month. Duct leaks are one of the most common sources of unusually high energy costs, accounting for up to 30% less efficiency in some homes. Choosing someone who knows about duct design means your ducts will be properly sealed and inspected, optimized for your home or building, and checked for pressure losses and potential weak points.

Finally, the right HVAC contractor can help you choose the most efficient system for your new home or commercial space based on industry ratings and the layout of your ducts. Are you in the middle of new construction in Fruit Cove, or are you still trying to find an HVAC contractor before you begin?

Call Climate Masters today! We specialize in both duct design and equipment sizing to make sure you have the right design and unit.

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