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Problems Caused by Faulty Ductwork

Monday, September 28th, 2015

Odds are, you don’t think too much about your ductwork. And to be fair, they are placed inside walls, above ceilings and in the floors so you don’t have to. They have a job to do, and as long as the job is being done, they really don’t warrant unnecessary attention. However, the key question is: how well is your ductwork doing its job, and if the answer is, “not so well,” there’s a good chance you’ve got faulty ductwork on your hands.

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2 Negative Effects of Faulty Ductwork

Monday, May 11th, 2015

If you use a traditional forced air system to cool your home in St. Augustine, FL, then you have ductwork. Ductwork is the delivery system for your cool air, and if it has cracks, holes and disconnections, the volume and quantity of your air will be greatly diminished. Why does this happen? Let’s take a look:

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When Is Duct Repair or Replacement Needed?

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Cooling a home in this part of the country is challenging enough without trying to do so with a compromised air conditioning system. Your heater, while certainly used less than your air conditioning system, shares its ductwork with your air conditioning system if both are forced air distribution based. This means that problems with your ductwork can lead to year round issues when trying to keep your home comfortable. Needless to say, this is not any kind of situation that you’ll wish to find yourself in. If you have any reason to suspect that there is a problem with your ductwork, then contact Climate Masters immediately. Professional ductwork service in Palm Coast is among our areas of expertise.

Because your air ducts are, of course, so largely hidden from view, you may not realize immediately that they are compromised in some way. After all, you cannot simply give them a quick visual inspection. Even so, though, there are many different warning signs which may indicate the need for professional ductwork services, be they repair or replacement.

First of all, pay attention to your heating and cooling costs. If you are running your air conditioner regularly throughout the summer season, which in all likelihood you are, then you probably have a pretty good idea of just how much it costs to cool your home. There will be some fluctuation, of course. However, any sudden spikes in your cooling – or heating – costs may indicate that energy is being wasted as conditioned air escapes your system. The sound of hissing while running your HVAC systems, as well as a decline in indoor air quality throughout your home, are all also signs that your ductwork is compromised.

In many cases, your air ducts may be sealed or replaced in order to stop leakage and to resolve other issues. There are certain situations in which duct replacement may be necessary, though. Your air ducts may be rusted or damaged beyond repair, or your system may be so poorly designed that it simply cannot distribute air throughout your home effectively.

Whatever the problem may be, you can count on Climate Masters to solve the problem entirely. We specialize in all manner of ductwork services in Palm Coast. Call today for more details.

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