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Stages of Ductless Air Conditioning Installation

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Ductless mini split heat pumps are becoming an increasingly popular option for home comfort. Because they work without the need for space-consuming ventilation shafts, they permit greater freedom for new construction. They also offer an alternative to inefficient window air conditioning units for older homes that lack ductwork. Since they are heat pumps, they work ideally as air conditioners during the summer and effectively as heaters during the winter.

The work installing a ductless mini split is not as difficult as you might imagine, but it still is a task that should remain in the hands of trained professionals. The stages below are not meant as a guide to help you install ductless air conditioning in St. Augustine, FL (it would require many pages to give you the ability to perform even a poor job) but to give you a sense of the sort of work involved. Rely on experienced professionals for this job: call Climate Masters, where we’ve installed air conditioning of all types since 1988.

Ductless mini split heat pump installation stages

  • First: The installers place wall mounts for the individual blowers in rooms throughout the house, and drill holes through the wall to the outside.
  • Second: The blower units are placed and secured to the mounts, and the installers run lines from blower for electrical power, condensate drainage, and refrigeration circulation. The installers take special caution to make sure there are no leaks that might get between the back of the blower and the wall.
  • Third: The outdoor condenser/evaporator unit is secured in place, and the lines from the blowers are hooked up to it. The technicians make certain that there are no loose connections or breaks in the line through a series of leak checks.
  • Fourth: The outdoor unit is connected to the home’s electrical power.
  • Fifth: The installers perform a full-system check to see that the heat pump works and is matched correctly to the voltage of the home, and that it works in both heating and cooling modes. They will not consider the job finished until they are certain that the new ductless system lives up to your expectations.

We handle all the stages of the life of a ductless system, from planning the installation to yearly maintenance to repairs.

Installing ductless air conditioning in St. Augustine, FL may be the best comfort solution for your home. To find out more, call Climate Masters today and speak to one of our ductless AC specialists.

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