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Your Comfort is Our Priority!

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Why Should You Have Your Ductwork Professionally Cleaned?

Monday, November 25th, 2019 at 11:00 am

duct-being-cleanedHaving your ductwork cleaned may seem like a minor, maybe even unimportant, task. But, it can have big results! Most homeowners underestimate just how vital duct cleaning can be to ensure the proper operation of their heating and cooling systems.

While it might seem like ducts are just a small part of your entire HVAC system, they’re pretty important. If you want to keep your climate control system functioning as best they can, and keep your indoor air quality high throughout the years, then you should make sure you get your ducts professionally cleaned on a routine basis.

Duct Cleaning and Energy Efficiency

The ducts of your home’s HVAC systems tend to be a great collecting place for things like dust, dirt, and other debris, as they aren’t cleaned nearly as often as other surfaces of your home. At first, the main concern of this is the effect it has on your indoor air quality—not necessarily the functionality of your HVAC systems. As dust and dirt accumulate inside your air ducts, though, it insulates them and restricts the flow of air through the ventilation system.

This makes your air conditioner or heating system have to work that much harder to do its job, and will end up costing you more money from month-to-month, while making your home more difficult to keep at a comfortable temperature.

If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned in the last few years—or ever—then it’s a good idea to schedule this service now. You can help your AC and furnace run more effectively and efficiently, and therefore have an easier time keeping comfortable in your home.

Protecting Your Indoor Air Quality

We did briefly mention above the impact that dirty ducts have on your indoor air quality—aside from dust build-up, you can wind up with pollen, dander, germs, mold spores, and all sorts of other nasty things collecting in your air ducts.

The problem with this is all those contaminants tend to get blown around the home each time you turn on your air conditioner or heater. Breathing in these types of high concentrations of contaminants can create all sorts of health issues—including allergy and asthma irritation, the flu, and other upper respiratory issues.

Professional duct cleaning helps keep your indoor air quality at an adequate level by removing these contaminants from your ventilation system so they don’t circulate back through your home—so you can use your HVAC systems without exposing yourself to any kind of negative health effect. You’ll breathe easier, and hopefully, never have to deal with illnesses caused by your own home.

If you’ve never had your ductwork cleaned before, we do recommend scheduling service now. Fortunately, this isn’t a service that needs to be done every year, but we do advise having it completed every 3 years or so. Contact our team and we’ll be able to give you a better idea of what will best benefit your home.

For professional St. Augustine, FL duct cleaning and more, contact Climate Masters today! Serving St. Johns County since 1988 with quality, hometown service.

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