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AC System Maintenance Steps: A Basic Overview

Friday, March 13th, 2015

When spring comes around and the weather starts its climb toward the highs of summer, you need to start thinking about preparing your home’s air conditioner for the hot times ahead. ACs in Florida undergo intense work during the long summer seasons, and without maintenance from an HVAC professional to reduce wear and tear, they run the risk of poor performance, energy waste, repair issues, and even a complete breakdown leading to an early replacement. Make sure that you avoid all these problems and sign up for AC system maintenance in Ponte Vedra, FL. Call Climate Masters today and ask about our excellent maintenance program, which will also care for your heating system during the fall.

What AC maintenance entails

Although there are a number of different types of air conditioning systems for homes, they have enough similarities that most technicians will follow the same set up steps when taking care of maintaining them.

First, the technician will check on the outdoor condensing unit and the compressor to see that it has the correct operating pressure. (The compressor is perhaps the most essential component in an AC; if the compressor burns out, often the whole system much be replaced.) The technician will also take care of cleaning the condensate line and drain in the condensing unit and checks on the temperature rise across the condensing coil. If the condensing coil is dirty, the technician will detach it and wash it.

Next, the technician will check on the electrical systems of the AC, tightening any loose connections and looking for correct motor amperage and. This check also includes the thermostat to make sure that it is correctly calibrated and wired to the air conditioner.

After this, the technician will see if there is sufficient refrigerant in the system and replace any missing amount. (In some cases, refrigerant is overcharged, meaning there is too much, and the technician must remove some.)

The maintenance then focuses on the indoor cabinet, and takes care of replacing the air filter, cleaning the air handler, and seeing if the evaporator coil is in good shape. To finish, the technician will lubricate any motors that require it.

If the technician notices a repair issue at any point, he or she will notify you of it and help you arrange to have it fixed. The technician will not attempt to do any repairs unless you approve them.

The maintenance program from Climate Masters will not only keep your air conditioning sytem in great shape, it will also provide you with a 10% discount on repair costs (excluding compressors, filters, or full system replacements).

Contact us today to sign up in Ponte Vedra, FL for AC system maintenance so you will be ready for another summer.

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Preventive Maintenance Agreements

Friday, July 26th, 2013

With a high quality heating and air conditioning system, you can enjoy year round comfort that is both extremely effective and highly efficient. Of course, considering how hard these systems work for you throughout the course of the heating and cooling seasons, you cannot expect them to operate perfectly forever. With a preventive maintenance agreement from the St. Augustine maintenance professionals at Climate Masters, you can keep your HVAC equipment working at truly exceptional performance and efficiency levels. Contact us today to learn more. We believe that you deserve truly outstanding, uninterrupted comfort, and our preventive maintenance agreements are a great way to help you achieve that goal.

Enrolling in a preventive maintenance agreement with the qualified professionals at Climate Masters allows you to keep your home comfortable nearly worry-free, and you enjoy a number of added benefits. You’ll receive 2 annual visits: one in the heating season, and another in the cooling season. Operating pressures within the condensing unit will be checked, and your condensate line, drain pan and float switch will be cleaned. The temperature rise across your condenser coil will be measured to ensure proper operation, and your evaporator coil will have its temperature drop checked and the entire coil and cabinet assembly will be washed. All air flow will be checked, along with the refrigerant levels and heat strips, and we will also lubricate all moving parts.

Put simply, a preventive maintenance agreement is the best way for you to protect the condition of your heating and air conditioning systems while guaranteeing the quality of their performance. We value the comfort of our customers, and we go to great lengths both in the services we provide as well as the quality of those services to protect and maintain that comfort. Contact us any time to learn more.

If you have not yet taken advantage of our preventive maintenance agreement, call now to discuss the many benefits further. You may just decide that this is the peace of mind you’d like throughout the heating and cooling seasons. There is no such thing as a perfect HVAC system, but with the services of the St. Augustine HVAC maintenance professionals on the Climate Masters team, you can rest easy knowing your equipment will operate as reliably as possible.

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