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Your Comfort is Our Priority!

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How Does Zone Air Conditioning Work with Ducts?

Friday, May 30th, 2014 at 10:13 am

Central air conditioning is a wonderful invention, but it does come with an inherent flaw: when the AC turns on, every room in a home that is linked to the ventilation system receives the cooled air. Even rooms that don’t need them, like an empty guest room. Rooms that need cooling, but not as much, like a baby’s bedroom, still receive the same level of cooling as the rest of the house. People who have different comfort levels will feel uncomfortable while other people will feel just right.

There is a way to get around this problem, and that’s with zone control. You don’t have to put in a new AC to enjoy the advantages of zone air conditioning in St. Augustine, FL. With the right installers, such as those at Climate Masters, a new zone control system will fit right into your ductwork. This basic retro-fit will provide you with a new level of comfort and energy savings.

Here’s how zone control works with your existing ductwork

When installers come to your home to provide you with a zone control system, they access the ventilation shafts that lead to each of the “zones” of your house. (You decide how many zones you want. It can be as simple as “upstairs” and “downstairs” or as intricate as every individual room that is linked to the ductwork.) The technicians fit a damper into the duct, which can open and close. The damper forms a tight seal so they can effectively cut off flow to the zone.

Each of these dampers then connects to a zone thermostat, which controls that damper. This is important, because it permits individuals in the house to control the temperature wherever they are located. Each of these new local thermostats then connect to a central control panel, which gives you full access to each of the zones from a single location. You can program them for maximum energy savings.

Have professionals on the retro-fit work

This all may sound like difficult work—and it is indeed complex. However, in the hands of experts, the job will go fast and you will soon enjoy the comfort and the savings of a zone control system. Don’t attempt to do this work on your own, nor delegate it to an amateur who makes claims about performing the installation “cheap.” The work will be cheap… just not in the way you want.

We have years of experience doing this work, and we have all the necessary equipment on hand to take care of it quickly and effectively.

Call Climate Masters to find out how we can fit your current HVAC system to deliver zone air conditioning to your home in St. Augustine, FL.

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