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Your Comfort is Our Priority!

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How a Professional Installs an Air Conditioner

Monday, April 11th, 2022 at 11:00 am

technician-smiling-and-talking-to-woman-by-ac-outdoor-unitYou likely know that a professional is the best person to trust when it comes to your air conditioner installation. But what really sets a professional apart from a handyman or even a DIY job? 

Professionals are HVAC specialists, and they’ve spent years learning how to install and optimize all types of air conditioning for homes and businesses. 

There is an understandable pressure to get an AC installation ASAP, which is why we pride ourselves on offering quick and reliable service to our customers.

DIY may seem like an affordable option, but it comes with major risks to your personal safety and home that aren’t worth taking.

Knowing what a professional AC installation entails helps you guarantee quality when you hire a company. It also provides a greater understanding of the skills and expertise needed to get the job done right. 

Remove the Old System

You can’t simply remove old pieces and put new ones in their place. HVAC technicians complete training to learn about every part of the AC lifecycle. This includes how to properly handle waste removal and disposal of components that are regulated by law, like refrigerant. 

Removing an old system is the longest part of the process. Impeccable care and attention to detail ensure that the system’s structure is not damaged during the removal. Your technician may also need to adjust certain components to ensure they’re optimized to handle your new AC’s hardware. 

Make the Electrical and Ductwork Connections

The riskiest part for an unlicensed person installing AC is installing electrical components. An air conditioner has intricate electrical wiring. Without proper safety knowledge and technical skills, you run the risk of electrocution or starting an electrical fire when you run your system. 

A pro knows how to easily connect everything to its proper place and ensure that the electrical current in your home is powerful enough to run your system. Ductwork connections allow cool air to circulate freely between rooms while simultaneously drawing hot air outdoors.

Without proper electrical and ductwork connections, an AC can overrun, not complete its cycle (short-cycling), or even burn up certain parts while it operates. Professional installation ensures that everything is done according to code and meets safety standards. 

Using a professional for your installation also ensures that you’ll avoid making mistakes that could cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs — and days without air conditioning. 

Test the Air Conditioner’s Functionality 

Of course, knowing that the air conditioner works is the most important step! At Climate Masters, we never leave a job half done. The final stage of our AC installation process involves testing the AC’s performance to measure its airflow and performance. 

We want to ensure that it can handle all its demands with ease

If anything seems out of place, they can easily optimize and tweak the system to perform as it should. In addition to high-quality installation, you can rest assured that a professional job will also give you the most reliable and energy-saving performance year-round. 

For professional St. Augustine AC installation, look no further than Climate Masters. Contact us today!

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