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Your Comfort is Our Priority!

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How Can I Use My Air Conditioner More Efficiently?

Monday, August 1st, 2022 at 11:00 am

outside-ac-unit-sitting-on-top-of-moneyDo you like saving money? How about when it’s effortless?

Then you’ll love these tips for boosting the efficiency of your AC unit from our expert AC service in St. Augustine, FL. All you have to do is incorporate these habits into your routine and you’ll enjoy a decline in your energy bill. Check out how easy it is!

1. Change the Air Filter Regularly

An air filter cleans the air that comes into the system. However, it will fill up with dust and other debris over time. Eventually, the clogged filter will force the system to work harder to pull air through. 

Change the filter immediately once it starts to fill up. How often this needs to happen depends on the air quality in your home and the type of air filter. Most homeowners need to change this once every 1 to 3 months. 

2. Avoid Using Heat-Producing Appliances When It’s Hot

Appliances like ovens, stoves, and dryers produce a lot of heat. What happens when you use them during the hottest part of the day? Your AC unit will be forced to work double time to bring the temperature back down. 

3. Close the Curtains

Do you have big beautiful windows that let in lots of natural light? They’re awesome! But when the sun is shining directly through those windows, they’re also letting a lot of extra heat into your home. 

Get in the habit of closing your curtains or blinds when the sun hits those windows. This simple trick costs you nothing, yet lowers your cooling costs.

4. Turn on the Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans use less energy than your AC unit. While they can’t actually cool the air, they do help you feel cooler because they circulate the air. 

This allows your sweat to evaporate more quickly and you’ll feel cooler even when the temperature is actually higher. This tip works very well when combined with the next one. 

5. Turn Up the Thermostat

That cooler feeling provided by the ceiling fans allows you to turn up the thermostat by a few degrees. Every degree lower that you set your thermostat means your AC unit has to work that much harder to cool your home. 

Many people set their thermostats unnecessarily low, such as around 71 degrees F. However, most people would still be perfectly comfortable at 78, especially with the fans on. 

6. Professional Preventative Maintenance

Finally, the most important tip is to keep up with preventative maintenance from an AC service in St. Augustine, FL. Regular maintenance visits will ensure that your AC unit is running in tiptop shape. 

An efficient unit will use less energy, saving you money on your energy bill. Plus, a well-maintained machine will last substantially longer, delaying that huge bill that comes with getting a new HVAC unit!

For HVAC service and more, look no further than Climate Masters. Serving St. Johns County since 1988 with quality, hometown service.

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