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My AC Isn’t Working – Could It Be My Thermostat?

Monday, May 25th, 2015

It’s hard not to go into panic mode when your whole home air conditioner breaks down. After all, we’ve all heard about, and possibly lived through, some tough repair jobs, and our minds tend to go to the worst case scenario when a home system needs repair. However, one often overlooked problem is the thermostat. Thermostats aren’t the most complicated components of your AC system, but they are the control center. As such, any problems with your thermostat mean operating issues for your AC. It can be tricky diagnosing a thermostat issue, which is why it’s important to call for an expert. The air conditioning pros at Climate Masters can diagnose and handle just about any air conditioning repair issue you may have, so give us a call as soon as you start experiencing problems.

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