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Your Comfort is Our Priority!

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How to Avoid Static Electricity and Other IAQ Problems this Winter

Monday, February 4th, 2019 at 11:00 am

a-service-technician-with-a-customerThere are a lot of issues that you can run into when it comes to your indoor air quality here in St. Augustine. It’s more than likely that you live in a newer, energy-efficient home built to combat the wet heat of summer and while this is great for that, it can become a burden as well. A tightly sealed home becomes more of a problem there’s dirt, dust, and debris trapped in your space with no easy way out.

An indoor air quality problem that’s exacerbated by cold and dry winter conditions is static electricity. How many times this winter have you reached for a handle or turned a doorknob and been met with a sharp shock? Probably plenty of times. There’s actually something you can do about this. If you’re fed up with the dry conditions of winter, try a humidifier in St. Augustine, FL today.

Why Winter Is Prime Time for Static Electricity

So why is winter so bad for static electricity? Well, without getting too technical, static electricity can be defined as the buildup of electric charges on the surface of objects. When electrons move from one surface to another, the surfaces are both insulators, one has a positive charge while the other has a negative one. If one of these charged objects then touches a conductor (like a piece of metal) then the charge neutralizes itself which causes a static shock.

The dry air of winter is a big insulator and you also have various other insulators in your home like the soles of your shoes or your decorative carpet in the living room. Your body builds charges moving around your home and sometimes the only way they’re neutralized is through touching your doorknob and creating a shock.

What You Can Do About It

If you’re thinking, “What’s so bad about static electricity? I can live with it.” You’re wrong. Static electricity is just a symptom of a dry home which also causes various other problems like:

  • Longer cold and flus which are harder to get over
  • Dry furniture that leads to cracking and chipping
  • Dehydrated hair, skin, and nails
  • Exacerbated respiratory illnesses like asthma and bronchitis

The easiest thing to do is install a humidifier. We’re no stranger to excess levels of humidity here in Florida so we run into a lot of homeowners who have a very negative connotation with the word “humidity.” Humidity is actually a big ally in your home comfort in winter. Humidity insulates your body and allows you to feel warmer at cooler thermostat settings. Humidity keeps your family members comfortable and healthy at a lower cost. If you’re shocked all winter long by various surfaces and have irritated sinuses, dry skin, and sore throats, make sure you address the indoor air quality of your home. It impacts your daily life much more than you might think.

If you need great indoor air quality services this winter, make sure you contact our team here at Climate Masters. Serving St. John’s County since 1988 with quality, hometown service.

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