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Your Comfort is Our Priority!

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How a Dehumidifier Helps Your Air Conditioner

Monday, May 22nd, 2023 at 11:00 am


As part of the cooling process, your air conditioner also helps to dehumidify your home. But, there’s only so much that your air conditioner can do when it comes to humidity. And living in Florida, we have much higher humidity levels than in other areas of the country, so it’s definitely a concern. 

Your air conditioner may need some help when it comes to dehumidification in AC. In fact, investing in a separate dehumidifier can actually be a huge benefit to your air conditioner. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of a dehumidifier for your air conditioner. 

Your AC’s Role in Dehumidifying

When your air conditioner cools your home, it removes some of the moisture, or humidity, from the air. Air naturally feels cooler when it is drier, so less humidity can mean greater comfort. High humidity levels can make your home feel warmer than it really is. But your air conditioner is limited on how much humidity it can remove from the air. Without lower humidity levels in your home, the air still may be hotter and muggier than you would like. 

That’s where a dehumidifier comes in. A healthy humidity range is anywhere between 30% and 50%. The individual level of comfort in your home varies based on your individual preferences. You may like the humidity levels to be slightly higher or lower within this range. Your air conditioner does not allow you to select a humidity level, but a dehumidifier does.

Benefits of a Dehumidifier

When you invest in a whole house dehumidifier, you take some of the strain off your air conditioner. Your AC is working hard around the clock to cool your home. If the air is too humid and heavy, your air conditioner may struggle to get your home to your desired temperature. As a result, your air conditioner may begin to work longer or harder to cool your home. 

If you have a separate dehumidifier that is taking moisture out of the air, it is alleviating some of the strain on your air conditioner. This reduces wear and tear on your air conditioner because it doesn’t have to work against persistently high humidity levels.

It may also have shorter or less frequent cooling cycles, which also reduces wear and tear. The short-term benefit of this is better energy efficiency. You can save money on your monthly energy bills, especially since a dehumidifier doesn’t use much energy to begin with.

The long-term benefit is that your air conditioner may have a longer lifespan. Wear and tear can add up quickly and cause parts to deteriorate faster than they should. But when your AC doesn’t have to work as hard, it can last longer than the average lifespan. Since you want to get the most out of your investment, this is a huge benefit. Instead of looking at a dehumidifier as a potentially optional expense, you can look at it as an investment. 

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