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Your Comfort is Our Priority!

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Don’t ignore These 5 Indications of AC Trouble

Monday, May 13th, 2019 at 11:00 am

heat-pumpIgnoring air conditioner problems is one of the worst things you can do for the overall health of your system. Trying to wish away air conditioning troubles will only increase your risk of a debilitating system breakdown. If you’re one of the many people avoiding calling a professional team for air conditioning repair we understand why.

It’s rare that you want to shell out cash for a repair issue, but it really is necessary. You can’t merely wish the issue away and we wouldn’t recommend a DIY effort either. If you’re concerned about the price of your repairs then make sure you call our team—we provide quality services at the best prices.

Does Your AC Fall into Any of the Following Categories?

#1. It Smells Funky

When you run your air conditioner what do you smell? The right answer to this question should be “nothing.” Literally any other answer is a sign that you’re having trouble with your air conditioner. Your air conditioner should emit clean air without a distinct scent. If you notice moldy, smoky, or burning smells then you should call our team.

#2. The Airflow is Low

Do you ever turn on your air conditioner and then have to double check if the system is even on because of the airflow is so low? The airflow coming from your air conditioner should always be a strong, steady stream. If you’d use a word more like “trickle” or “dribble” to describe your home’s airflow then it’s time to call a professional.

#3. The Thermostat Isn’t Accurate

Sometimes we see homeowners come to us with a more advanced issue on their hands because they’ve ignored problems earlier on like this one. If your thermostat setting is inaccurate you should call a professional today. You might second guess yourself if the inaccuracy is only a few degrees off, but we want to encourage you to trust yourself. You know your home. If you think that your thermostat setting isn’t right them make sure you call our team today.

#4. The Sounds You Hear are Alarming

Common air conditioning trouble sounds include rattling, grating, knocking, or squeaking. Truth be told, literally any noise other than the soft sound of air rushing through your vents is a bad problem. Your air conditioner is meant to be quiet. Loud or distracting sounds can indicate a myriad of problems throughout varying parts of your air conditioning system. You can contact a professional from our team to pinpoint the problem.

#5. It Doesn’t Combat Humidity

We’re very familiar with humidity issues here in Florida. The last place you want to struggle with humidity issues inside your home. If you’re having trouble getting your home to remain cool and dry then make sure you call a professional today. We can fine-tune your system in no time!

The worst thing you can do for your air conditioning system is to ignore real signs of trouble. If you’re ready to address the problems at hand, make sure that you contact our team for air conditioning repair in St. Augustine, FL today to schedule an appointment with our talented technicians.

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