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Your Comfort is Our Priority!

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Boost Heating Efficiency This Winter!

Monday, January 6th, 2020 at 11:00 am

money-symbol-on-seesaw-with-house-animationWinter is officially here! Sure, that doesn’t mean much for those of us in the state of Florida, but given the stark contrast in temperatures between summer and winter, functioning heaters are a necessity.

As necessary as they might be, however, nobody wants to pay an arm and a leg to use theirs. Particularly considering how much we all spend to keep our homes cool in the summertime. Excess spending can be a real drag!

The good news is, you don’t have to forgo heating system use in order to save money. There are some simple tips you can follow that will boost heating efficiency in your home and therefore cut costs.

Consider a Thermostat Upgrade

This is such a small component, but it makes a huge difference—upgrading your thermostat can do a lot in boosting your heater’s efficiency. Your thermostat may be small in relation to the rest of your HVAC system, but it’s an essential component of that HVAC system.

This is the device through which you’re able to communicate with your heater. An upgrade to even the most basic digital thermostat, or even better a programmable thermostat, can help you to start enjoying more affordable heating.

Utilize Weather Stripping

You likely understand that during the winter, cracks in the door and drafty windows can let cold air seep in. What’s more than that, is that they let heat escape out. This is heat that you are paying for, and yet you’re literally losing energy.

Consider a small investment in weatherstripping caulking to seal up your windows and doors, and to ensure that the heat in your living space stays there.

Use the Ceiling Fans

There are still great deals of homeowners who don’t know this trick. In the summer, you know you can use your celling fans to create air movement to cool down faster, right? This lets you turn up the thermostat a few degrees, and therefore use your air conditioner more efficiently.

And in the wintertime? This process can be reversed! By using a small switch near the center of the fan to switch the directions the fan blades circulate, you can pull down heated air from the ceiling for faster distribution of warmth. This helps your furnace and also allows for a temperature adjustment so you use the heater more efficiently.

Schedule Maintenance

If you haven’t done so already, scheduling heating maintenance for your furnace is the best way to make sure that it works as effectively and efficiently as it’s meant to, for as long as it’s meant to.

During your furnace maintenance appointment, our pros fully inspect your system for any potential repair problems, we make necessary adjustments, and we thoroughly clean the system. Each of these steps ensures that the furnace works as best it can. It also gives us the chance to alert you to repair needs before they grow into bigger emergencies. Taking care of these needs now means a more efficient system later!

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