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Your Comfort is Our Priority!

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Should You Get a Dual Fuel System Installed?

Monday, December 5th, 2022 at 11:00 am


Dual fuel system installed – say that ten times fast! Luckily, a dual fuel system is way less complicated than the name implies. While it doesn’t get too cold here in Florida, we do face some chilly days when winter sets in. And you want to stay warm inside your home no matter how frigid the temperatures are outside.

Dual fuel heating systems are gaining popularity as more homeowners look for hybrid options that can utilize both electricity and natural gas or propane. These systems can maximize the benefits of each energy source to increase your heater’s efficiency and offer better results. If hybrid heater installation in Ponte Vedra piques your interest, keep reading to learn more.

Switching to a Dual Fuel Heating System

You’re interested in the idea of a hybrid heater, but what does that term really mean? Well, a dual fuel system is a heat pump that works to both heat and cool your home. Plus, it has a backup furnace that is powered using natural gas or propane. You have some ability to customize it to your specific energy needs during the installation process. 

Heat pumps are known for being effective at cooling homes, but not always at heating them in the winter. When temperatures get too low, your heat pump may not be able to bring in enough warm air. The furnace is a great backup for when you need a little extra heat during the winter. It can keep your home warm to prevent your heat pump from taking on too much strain. Trying to heat your home to levels it simply cannot reach can lead your heat pump to wear down faster and have a shorter lifespan.

Pros and Cons of a Dual Fuel System

You may think that heating your home with a dual fuel system is like comparing apples to oranges. Either way, you’re paying for energy to heat your home, right? But a dual fuel system is a great way to heat your home while saving overall on your energy costs compared to other heating options. You can save money and increase your comfort all at the same time.

But a dual fuel system is not without its downsides. Many homes have separate heating and cooling systems. If you want a dual fuel system, you can’t just replace your heater. You have to replace your heater and air conditioner with this single unit that has an add-on furnace. For some homeowners who are happy with their cooling system, this is a downside. 

In the winter if you lose electricity, your gas-powered furnace can still heat your home. While this is a great benefit, we don’t face many winter storms that threaten our power. Instead, we worry more about hurricane season and losing electricity when it’s hot outside. A dual fuel system won’t help you much there because the cooling option runs off of electricity. 

Not sure if dual fuel is right for you? Give our team a call for a free consultation. We can talk about your individual heating and cooling needs to help you decide what’s the best option for your home and family.

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