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Your Comfort is Our Priority!

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Ways to Save Money with Pool Heater Installation

Thursday, January 15th, 2015 at 10:32 am

As we enter the cooler months of the year, you may be ready, or already have, turned on your pool heater. Pool heaters can be wonderful for you and your pool, but they do cost money to operate; if you are looking for some ways to reduce these costs while enjoying your pool through the winter, you may want to consider these suggestions from our Climate Masters technicians:

Choose a “Green” Pool Heater Type

There are a number of pool heaters that can effectively warm the water in your pool, but there are a couple of types that can do it using less energy. The first type is the heat pump pool heater. Heat pumps work by transferring heat from one location to another and they can do the same with the water from your pool. Heat pumps use no fossil fuels and very little electricity, making them very energy efficient. The second type of pool heater to consider is the solar pool heater. Using a solar hot water collector, this type of pool heater uses the heat from sunlight to warm your pool’s water.

Maintain a Set Low Temperature

While it would be nice to dive into 85 degree water all the time, you can probably be consistently comfortable at more moderate temperatures. Unlike your home’s thermostat, setting a lower temperature on your pool heater and leaving it there can help save on energy usage.

Use a Solar Blanket

Solar blankets, also known as pool blankets or solar pool covers can significantly reduce your pool’s evaporation while also helping to heat the pool water. In fact, the US Department of Energy states that solar blankets can help reduce pool heating costs anywhere from 50-70%.

Maintain Your Pool Heater

During annual maintenance, your pool heater will be cleaned, adjusted and lubricated as needed and tested for performance, keeping it in good working order.

Your pool heater installation in St. John’s County, FL should keep your pool’s water comfortable without breaking the bank. Need help with your pool heater? Call us today!

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